About Us


Hwindi is a state of the art mobile application, “app”, for hailing a taxi, a delivery vehicle, a tow truck and a ridesharing service that has been introduced in the streets of Zimbabwe and spreading to cover the whole of Southern Africa in order to address the rising transport problems associated with urban cities.

Our platform is for only registered traditional taxis/cabs and licensed transport operators. Our mission is to provide S.T.A.E.R.A  (Safety, Technology, Affordability, Efficiency, Reliability and Accountability) to the transportation industry across Africa while at the same time re-creating jobs for traditional registered taxi drivers and also lowering DUI incidents, accidents and fatalities.


Hwindi is located at number 30 Golden Stairs Road (Second Street Ext.), Emerald Hill, Harare, Zimbabwe.


The app is available for free on Google Play Store for Android based devices and on the Apple App Store for iOS based devices.