How it works

Hwindi app is very simple to use and can accommodate all users.
  • Choose Delivery Options

    Select Single delivery to send a single parcel to a single destination and for multiple parcels choose Multi-delivery.

  • Choose Location & Delivery Vehicle

    Provide pick up, delivery destination and choose the delivery vehicle like bike, cargo car, bakkie, etc.

  • Enter Delivery Details

    Provide your parcel details, type and recipients details.

  • Track Your Delivery

    Track your parcel while it is getting delivered to your loved ones.

Estimate Delivery Charges

Get the estimated fare before the delivery. You can choose the package that suits your requirements.

Our Services

We aim to provide the best possible services to our customers. We also try our best to maintain transparency during the whole procedure. Getting your parcel delivery to healthcare services delivery is possible with the fingertips of your hand.

Single Delivery

This allows you to send a parcel(s) to a single location.

Multiple Delivery

This allows you to send parcels to different locations.

Our Benefits

Keeping in mind about the customer satisfaction, we provide different benefits to our customers, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Fleet Management by Delivery Companies

    Companies can also register and manage their fleet and Drivers.

  • Navigation using Google /WAZE maps.

    Users can track the delivery using google maps.

  • Different Vehicle Options

    You can choose your vehicle options like Bike, Cargo Car, Bakkie, etc.

  • Vetted Drivers

    Our drivers are vetted , experienced and professional.

  • Delivery Confirmation by a unique code or signature.

    The confirmation of Delivery is done via Unique code and signature.

  • Mark driver as Favorite

    Users can mark Delivery Drivers as Favorite.

Our Fleet

We have a different number of vehicle options to deliver your packages safely and timely. If your package is large in size then we have a spacious vehicle and if you have a small package then we also have a package for the same.
  • Bike
  • Cargo Car
  • Panel Van
  • Bakkie
  • 2T Truck

Download App

Download this amazing app and start enjoying the delivery service today. Get the’ delivery of all your packages with the fingertips of your hand.

  • Quick & Easy Booking
  • 24/7 Service Available
  • Reliable GPS Enabled
  • Cost Effective
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