How It Works

Clients who are looking for a ride or want a parcel delivered will register on the app. Whenever they want to use the service, they simply log onto the app and select the service of their choice; ride or delivery.

If they select on the ride, then they get to select the type of vehicle (Standard Cab, Premium or VAN), where and when they want to go. Available drivers in the area will show up on the screen. The rider will be able to see their profile, picture, reviews and ratings. Once the driver accepts the ride, the passenger will be able to communicate with the driver via chat and text messages and also be able to track him in real-time as they make their way to pick you point.

If the user decides to choose the option of delivering, then they will have the option to choose the mode of delivery i.e. Bike, Cab, Tow Truck, etc. depending on what they want to be delivered then simply add details of the delivery. Again available couriers will appear on the screen and the user can have a look at the profile of the courier, ratings, and reviews and then make an informed decision and will be able to communicate via phone and text messages and also be able to view the details of the delivery and track it. A text message is sent to the recipient with a verification code. The recipient will now be able to track the courier as it makes its way to deliver the parcel. Once the courier reaches their destination, they will hand the package or parcel to the recipient, input the verification code. This will trigger the generation of an invoice, a copy of which will be posted to both the sender and the courier. The sender and the courier can rate and review each other if they so wish.