• Safety. The app only takes registered service providers. This ensures safety of the users as the provider and vehicle details will be known. User safety on registered traditional cabs goes further to cover for any instances of traffic accidents, should they happen, as all registered cabs have Public Passenger Insurance cover. On deliveries the parcel also will have insurance cover.
  • Technology. We have simply revolutionized the hailing from the traditional method of hailing for services on the street to going via your smart device or computer. Through Hwindi App, users are able to get a ride, delivery or towing services much easier. We have both automated and manual location based smart booking and dispatch platforms. Our app matches users and providers using an efficient algorithm that optimizes availability, cost, distance and time.
  • Affordability. The preset costs for using Hwindi are up to 20% cheaper than the current market rates. The Hwindi team has a special arrangement with operators which allows cheaper and affordable rates.
  • Efficiency. The GPS which works with the app ensures that the closest available provider is signaled to pick up the potential passenger(s). GPS will not only link up the nearest provider to the user but will also provide the closet route to pick up and drop off the user/parcel at the intended destination.
  • Reliability.All data is backed up in super-efficient cloud services. Accessing the app from downloading up to use is superfast. When the fare appears on ending the trip, rating the service has to be done using the “Likert Scale” that is using the five stars which appear at the bottom of the screen. All lowly rated drivers will be removed from the application as we only want highly rated and reliable drivers.
  • Accountability. For all parties being; The Hwindi Team, operators and users, all trips taken using the app are stored under ‘history’ in the respective user’s accounts. Trip reconciliations and any other trip related data can be easily accessed from the ‘history’ function.

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